Welcome to Trailside at the Lake, an idyllic community
poised on the shores of Langford Lake.

Lot #Civic #Floor PlanFinished SQ FTStrata Fee'sBed/BathPrice with Credit Incentive (Not Incl. GST)
4107-1361 Goldstream AveHummingbird910$404.472/2$555,500
5109-1361 Goldstream AveKingfisher993$443.452/2$580,500
7113-1361 Goldstream AveHummingbird RV910$404.472/2$555,500
9117-1361 Goldstream AveHummingbird RV910$404.472/2$555,500
13207-1361 Goldstream AveHummingbird RV910$404.472/2$575,500
17215-1361 Goldstream AveHummingbird910$404.472/2$560,500
18217-1361 Goldstream AveHummingbird RV910$404.472/2$565,500
20301-1361 Goldstream AveRaven913$404.472/2$555,500
24309-1361 Goldstream AveKingfisher993$443.452/2$610,500
25311-1361 Goldstream AveHummingbird910$404.472/2$590,500
26313-1361 Goldstream AveHummingbird RV910$404.472/2$585,500
27315-1361 Goldstream AveHummingbird910$404.472/2$565,500
28317-1361 Goldstream AveHummingbird RV910$404.472/2$575,500
30401-1361 Goldstream AveRaven913$404.472/2$565,500
32405-1361 Goldstream AveHummingbird RV910$404.472/2PENDING
33407-1361 Goldstream AveHummingbird910$404.472/2$595,500
37415-1361 Goldstream AveHummingbird910$404.472/2$575,500
38417-1361 Goldstream AveHummingbird RV910$404.472/2$585,500
40501-1361 Goldstream AveRaven913$404.472/2$575,500
44509-1361 Goldstream AveKingfisher993$443.452/2$630,500
45511-1361 Goldstream AveHummingbird910$404.472/2$610,500
46513-1361 Goldstream AveHummingbird RV910$404.472/2$605,500
47515-1361 Goldstream AveHummingbird910$404.472/2$585,500
48517-1361 Goldstream AveHummingbird RV910$404.472/2$595,500
50601-1361 Goldstream AveRaven913$404.472/2$585,500
51603-1361 Goldstream AveEdier614$272.901/1PENDING
52605-1361 Goldstream AveHummingbird RV910$404.472/2SOLD
57615-1361 Goldstream AveHummingbird910$404.472/2$615,500
58617-1361 Goldstream AveHummingbird RV910$404.472/2$625,500

The Developer reserves the right to change or cancel the incentives at any time. Purchasers may select only one pre-sale incentive. Contact our sales team for more information. * Prices do not include GST **Exclusive 3.70% interest rate for a 3 year term is available for a limited time on purchases at Trailside at the Lake. Purchasers must contact Trailside’ s exclusive Mobile Mortgage Reps to access this financing program. This exclusive rate buy down is in limited quantities for a limited time, and is only valid for a limited time on sales at Trailside at the Lake. Terms and Conditions apply ***Strata fees will be paid on the Statement of adjustments as a credit to the Buyer upon Completion and based on the budget in the disclosure statement for the strata unit.

Contact our sales team for more information and to secure your unit